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had a good birthday on Sunday - Thanks for the wishes/cards, etc...Caleb and I went to the Olive garden and consumed mass amounts of soup, salad and especially breadsticks.

My classes have been going well so far. I have A's in both of them. I really miss science classes and I still feel like I should be in a nursing or doctoral profession. Never have I wanted to be a teacher so why am I going to school to be one? I want to work with students who have disabilities and special needs but I don't know if I really want to teach. Grad school will obviously be in my near future...

Sarah's B-Day was today and I felt bad about not spending time with her...bah. I had church until 8 then we had a business meeting until 9 (which sucks...I hate business meetings...).

I have no money to my name right now.

Caleb bought me a pillow pet for my birthday! Its a panda - probably the best gift in the world, lol...well besides the delicious gift from Sarahs.

Pockets of Love.


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