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Debating on taking a non-credit course. I think that I've narrowed it down to Chinese Conversation and pottery. Another available elective is the Ghost Hunters class but it seems pretty lame: $35 and it's only for one night. Give me a break. I'll probably go with Chinese conversation in the end

I had a few other choices - yoga and aerobics were of my highest interest until i discovered they are directly in the middle of a required course I am taking.

I got invited to go to The Inn tonight with Mike for tacos and beer. Still debating. I work until 8 and he goes to bed at 10 because he wakes up at 4 for work. He's not sure when he is going but I know that it will be when I'm working so obviously this kind of makes me a bit sad.

Recent grades:
Psych Unit 1 94%
Anatomy practice 100%

Psych Unit 2 95%
Anatomy lecture 98%

I seem to be in good standing with my classes, however I cannot guarantee how long I can keep this up. Between working and school I don't have much time to study. I've been quite the night owl.


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