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so, last entry was almost 3 full years ago. FTW time go quickly

This is what I want
I want to have a campfire - yet I do not. I just want to sit by a fire with a few people and chill. I'm not a fan of large social gatherings, nor am I a fan of small awkward gatherings. As one may assume, the balance between the two extremes is a somewhat difficult goal to achieve. I will probably end up one night by my lonesome roasting marshmallows to their perfect, slightly-burned perfection. Ah, desire.

On another note, school seems to be going well. Exams are ridiculous - as expected. I am retaking a class from a few years ago when I was in the hospital for a liver disease of sorts.

Went to the gym twice today and feeling pretty proud. 2 pounds down and plenty to go - we have to start somewhere, even if the end is a bit hazy or unimaginable.

Hats off.

Good night.


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