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Well tomorrow is my 21st birthday and some people want me to go out at midnight for celebrate. I have turned this down for several reasons - let's begin.
1. I have been stomach sick for a few days, namely heartburn and the like.
2. My fear of returning liver problems. I have been having random stabbing pain similar to the pain I had exactly 2 years ago before being admitted to Pittsburgh. I don't really want to relive that experience.
3. I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I'm not really the bar all as a matter of fact. I have no desire to see people from years ago, or to rekindle past friendships over a few drinks. I want people to hang out with me for me, not because of the possibility of having a few drinks in the meantime.
4. I have a ton of studying to accomplish - it's bad enough that I am putting it off to be on LJ

So there are a few things that I am feeling.

I got a 100% on my practical exam - here's to hoping I accomplish a similar feat on Monday for the lecture exam.

I keep double-spacing and hoping that a period shows up to end my sentence, but alas, this is not so for computers as of late. On my BB, I double-space and it makes a period. I like that.

Ummmmmmm. I love thunderstorms. ^_^ giggles


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